Our Approach

We create speculative prototypes to empirically test strategic directions and make the future more open, participatory, intuitive, and real.

We use the transformative power of open platforms to activate the integrity of social systems.

If you don't maintain the integrity of social systems, then you're at least in part killing your customer. If your whole purpose of being in business is to make money, then killing your customer. Maximizing welfare is not a short-term game.

It's an embedded check on whether you're doing something that will not maximize value. Because it's inherent in the system and not imposed on it.

We Create Emerging Interfaces

We take a human-centered design approach to understanding the future of interface technology, such as intelligent and conversational user interfaces, social operating systems, virtual and augmented reality, and other emerging systems.

We Design Experience Metrics

We believe change happens when the metrics change. Introducing the right metrics influences the results of what you're measuring.

We Craft Compelling Stories

Science and insights are useless if there is no audience, or if the audience doesn't understand what you're saying. We document everything we do beautifully with video and designerly style, and communicate it in ways that are sticky, impactful and beautiful.

What We Do

We Design for Social Systems
We Design for Distributed Cognition
We Design for Open and Transparent Platforms

We are beginning with three focus areas:
(title should cue up the tension)

Gig Careers and the Future of Work

— Digital tools have become so essential to the fabric of modern life that
— As HCD makes technology systems more useful, people are relying on them like never before to run their life, and to get paid! Your customer has become an employee with needs you're not meeting!
— More people are finding and completing their work through online systems that offer quick access and short-term employment, but lack long term sustainability as a career.



The INVISIBLE HAND 2.0       The invisible Mind....  Invisible hand is feeding an increasingly visible mouth.

The invisible mouth!

The INVISIBLE HAND maximizes wellfare in a sea of unregulated actors that are free to excel or die because someone else just crushed you. 

This is all about SELFISHNESS 2.0.

Do good so that you do better! It's not about self-interest (invisible hand), it's about doing what's right because that's the locus of your durable advantage.

Transparency Everywhere and the Future of Personal Data

Privacy; fairness; markets that work; knowing w/ confidence that your future is secure; sustainable life; anti-espionage; all kinds of stuff. SCARY PROBLEM AREA.

How we're approaching it/what we're gonna do
— From AI to distributed cognition. Include social. Future of smart systems.

Pixel Addiction and the Future of Engagement

We are addicted to the internet, and it's only going to get worse. Facebook is just scratching the surface of the big scary problem.

— Something else here. Knowing doing gap
— Health
— Paternalism
— Sharing
— Addiction
— Bullying
— Transparency and aligning values
— Designing for the tension between needs and wants
— Coopting latent needs to deliver on wants
— The real shit that exposes the fanciful stories