We Recommend Starting Small
While it sounds counter-intuitive, we’ve found that starting with small projects leads to bigger impact in the long term for you and your organization. With a smaller initial design sprint it's easier to secure funding, lets us work together to create and fine-tune a collaboration model that works best for you, and gives you a high-value win to bring back to your team. We’ll set you up with the storytelling assets you’ll need to showcase the high-value output of the sprint, giving you the confidence and proof to secure longer term engagements.
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Sprint Anatomy
Sponsored sprints typically last 8 weeks and are based in San Francisco, CA. Teams of fellows are assembled from a talent pool of fellow candidates as sponsored projects arise. Under the guidance of the WC and the openFCC community, fellow teams collaborate with sponsors onsite and remotely to shape a brief and design solutions that meet their organizations’ needs. At the end of the program, the whole community gets together to connect and showcase their work. Sponsored sprint details can be adjusted to fit sponsor organizational needs.
See how last summer’s program was structured
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