The Wrecking Crew

We give organizations on-demand access to open-source design tools and fearless creative talent. We design the future, so that you can make change.



Topics We Explore


The Future of Work

Digital tools have become imperative for our work. Our economy depends on social networks to distribute resources, facts, and permissions.

What is the best way for people to collaborate and organize using distributed network technologies that is both economically viable and socially sustainable?


The Future of Personal Data

Fair and open data-markets are the backbone of trustworthy services. The future of personal data requires intuitive systems that balance privacy, fairness, security, openness and sustainability.

What is the best way for people to comprehend and control their online identities while ensuring peace-of-mind and the integrity of their personal data?


The Future of Engagement

As design technology makes computing systems more powerful and useful, the more we find ourselves dazzled by its pixie dust. We love it when people give us things we enjoy, but enjoyment is a brain-circuit that’s easy to hack.

What is the best way to design behaviors, interactions and interface technologies to yield experiences and routines that are psychologically and socially healthy?

Our Offerings

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World-Class Talent

We are an open and diverse community of makers and thinkers, drawn from a variety of disciplines: technologies, visual/communication design, design research, systems thinking/strategy, UX design, and storytelling.

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Open Design Platform

We provide public access to the Creativity Kernel — open design tools that activate distributed communities to address emergent problems. The Creativity Kernel is web-based open design platform that crowdsources needs, identifies opportunities, and generates ideas while offering design tools to assist in the process.

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Tangible Prototypes

We work closely with sponsors to address their unique business challenges. During our design sprints, we identify the problems, facilitate co-creation workshops, and deliver vision prototypes and demos to help envision the future.

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Welcome Aboard


You are a company that believes in the power of foreseeing future. Becoming our sponsor gives you...

Tangible Prototyping
Turn new ideas into high-fidelity prototypes for testing and sharing with your constituents, collaborators and stakeholders.

Strategic Futurecasting
Uncover compelling insights and frameworks for exploring new directions and opportunities.

Talent Sourcing and Networking
Connect with other sponsors and find emerging talent trained by top design schools and vetted by The Wrecking Crew.

Sustainable and Scalable Innovation
Start with specific challenges and build scalable programs to transform your organization.


You are a maker and thinker who hungers for their next challenge. Becoming our design fellow gives you...

Real World Experience
Become a core member of a cross-functional design teams building real things for real sponsors (it’s paid).

Community of Practice
Build new connections with a select group of practitioners, and level up your leadership skills.

Opportunity to Design the Future
Make your mark on the world!

Experts as Your Mentors
Learn from experts in behavioral economics, augmented intelligence, design strategy, and other disciplines.