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The Future Cognition Collaborative is a speculative design lab emergently organized by an open community of diverse creators. We build exploratory prototypes for distributed cognition systems (human thinking + A.I.) that are human-centered and emotionally/socially responsive. Our prototypes make the future empirically testable, and more open, participatory, intuitive, and real.

What big ideas do you have that your organization isn’t quite ready for yet?

The Future Cognition Collaborative is a powerful and efficient way for businesses to prepare for the impending impacts of intelligent systems.

Work with us to learn how to develop the tangible prototypes and inspirational storytelling that will shape the future of your business.

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We believe social dynamics can eclipse the power of markets, and we use both to design futures that are more human-centered and sustainable.




Create Emerging Interfaces

We prototype new interfaces for helping people interact with emerging technologies.


Construct Engaging Metrics

We design intuitively useful metrics for helping people make sustainable personal decisions.


Craft Compelling Narratives

We construct stories for engaging people at the nexus of brand, belief and behavior.



We are focusing on 3 topic areas. Which one resonates with you the most?


The Future of Work

We have become inseparable from the capabilities made possible by digital tools. Our productivity depends on computing networks for finding and executing our digital work. Our economy depends on social networks for distributing resources, facts, and permissions.

What is the best way for people to organize through distributed network technology to create new equilibria that are both economically viable and socially sustainable?

Our work in this area explores the implications of psycho-social-techno markets and builds prototypes for the future of work. Designed one way, the interface is your workforce. Designed another, it's your boss.

The Future of Personal Data

Fair and open data-markets are the essential backbone for trustworthy services. The future of personal data requires intuitive systems that balance privacy, fairness, security, openness and sustainability. These issues underlie everything connected to the Internet.

What is the best way for people to comprehend and control their online identities while ensuring peace-of-mind and the integrity of the data?

Our work in this area investigates the role of distributed cognition and A.I. and their implications on the future of personal data. Designed one way, the system protects you from unwanted exposure and corruption. Designed another, it uploads your mind.

The Future of Engagement

As design technology makes computing systems more powerful and useful, we find ourselves more dazzled by its pixie-dust sparkle. We are addicted to digital and it keeps getting better. The problem is, we love it when people give us things we enjoy, but enjoyment is a brain-circuit that's easy and profitable to hack.

What is the best way to design behaviors, interactions and interface technology that yields routines that are socially and psychologically healthy?

Our work in this area explores the implications of computer-augmented experiences on the future of engagement. Designed one way, the world is yours to command and to love. Designed another, it's a bad habit.


Interested in our fellowship program?

Becoming a fellow gives you:

Real World Experience
Become a core member of a cross-functional design teams building real things for real sponsors (and it's paid!)

Community of Practice
Build new connections with a select group of practitioners, and level-up leadership skills.

Opportunity to Design the Future
Make your mark on The Future of Work, The Future of Interface, and The Future of Social Engagement.

Experts as Your Mentors
Learn from experts in behavioral economics, augmented intelligence, design strategy, and more.

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Want to be a thought partner?

Becoming a supporting advisor gives you:

Tangible Prototyping
Turn new ideas into high-fidelity prototypes for testing and sharing with your constituents, collaborators and stakeholders.

Strategic Futurecasting
Uncover compelling insights and frameworks for exploring new directions and opportunities.

Talent Sourcing and Networking
Connect with other sponsors and find emerging talent trained by top design schools and vetted by The Wrecking Crew.

Visual Storytelling
Capture your experience and insights on a film reel that can be edited for internal or external storytelling.

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