Joshua Embree

Joshua is a Los Angeles-based data scientist and strategist. He works at the intersection of algorithms and design to build human-centered, responsive systems that yield actionable insights for resolving complex challenges. Josh collaborates closely with organizations to facilitate growth through thoughtful measurement, design thinking, and behavioral science. Formerly, he worked in public policy research at the RAND Corporation and data science at Nike WHQ in Beaverton, OR. Josh holds a PhD in statistics from UCLA and BS degrees in math and economics from Arizona State.


Colin Swenson

Colin is an experience designer and strategist. Colin's practice combines strategic thinking focused on achieving systemic change over time using framing and nuance as tools to help reshape perception in real time experiences. Before working at The Wrecking Crew, Colin was the Interaction Design Resident at the Environmental Health Clinic run by Dr. Natalie Jeremijenko. Colin completed his BFA in Interaction Design at California College of the Arts, where he focused his thesis work on reimagining the web browser and online engagement. In his free time, Colin runs a personal art and design practice focused on social impact and creative exploration.


Karen Song

A native of China, Karen is a San Francisco-based UX and product designer. She strives to create powerful products through design thinking and storytelling. Coming from an architectural and design background, Karen believes design reflects the way we think and interact with one another, whether through space or artifacts. As a UX designer, Karen has worked on the Future of Office Intelligent Network at Microsoft, and the Future of Personal Data Marketplace (AI) with T-Mobile. Karen graduated with distinction from the Interaction Design BFA program at California College of the Arts, where she designed a language assistant to help people learn culture nuances.


Alessandro Battisti

Alessandro is an interaction designer who believes in the power of transparent behavior design to help people improve their lives. Alessandro works on financial services projects at the Wrecking Crew; in the past he has designed for companionship while aging at Fuseproject. Alessandro has a BFA in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts, where he completed his thesis on accessible software systems for aging adults.